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Financial institutions are empowered to go-to-market and scale their business quickly on our multi-asset, multi-market, integrated Platform for Risk and Investment ManagemEnt ( P R I M E ).

For Brokers,  P R I M E‍ ‍‍ is a front-to-back investment system that allows them to‍ ‍‍offer their customers a‍‍n integrated account to trade across products, gain a bird's eye view of their customer exposures, assert pre-emptive risk control and transform their cost & revenue models.

For Fund & Private Equity Managers,  P R I M E‍ ‍‍ is an integrated investment management system that simplifies portfolio consolidation, risk & performance analy‍sis and client reporting. It is also a RegTech solution for investment c‍‍ompliance monitoring, personal account dealing, regulatory declarations and reporting.

For Banks,  P R I M E‍ ‍‍ is an integrated secured lending system that supports sophisticated risk-based portfolio financing, structured and syndicated loans in addition to conventional term loans, revolving credit and mortgage loans. It is also a factoring & supply chain financing platform.

For FinTechs,  P R I M E‍ ‍‍ is your choice platform for P2P margin financing, factoring and pawnbroking.



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